Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"OS" Tee shirt prefold tutorial

Goooooood afternoon!

I know I had a tee shirt prefold tutorial up before and it was pretty good, but I have since revised it and LOVE the tee shirt prefold version 2. So here is the new tutorial! The end "OS" diaper will be 6 layers of absorbency and they normally last my semi-heavy wetter 2ish hours.

  • 2 medium or larger(if mens, or large and larger if womens) 100% cotton tee shirts
  • 1 flannel receiving blanket
  • A piece of fabric 16" by 12" to use as the "OS" template
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Very little sewing expertise ;)

1. Lay out one of your tee shirts on the floor/craft table/sewing table and smooth out, you don't need to iron, just make sure there are no "bubbles" so the ends look nice :)


2. Fold in half so that the bottom of the tee shirt it touching the shoulders.

3. Lay your template piece of fabric over the tee shirt so that one of the 16" sides in touching the now bottom of the tee shirt.


4. Cut around the template fabric and discard the excess(or use the sleeves to make cute little owlies :D)


5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second tee shirt and the receiving blanket(note: with the recieving blanket just fold it in half for which ever side is longest, i.e. if you have a 30x40, fold it so that you have two layers of 30x20)

6. Layer your soon to be prefold so that one tee shirt is on the bottom(two layers), the receiving blanket is in the middle(two layers), and the other tee shirt is on top(two layers)


7. Sew along the red lines :D


8. And you are done!


<3 If you use my tutorial and find any cute tee shirts to make into prefolds, please please add them the pictures to the flickr group, Tee Shirt Prefolds!